HISTORY of Eonlinesports.com

In 1999, the domain was started by Bruce Caldwell with over 100 different sports. The site and ownership then acquisition as a part of ESSXsport Corp. Sports company and became public on the OTCC under the stock symbol ESXS in 2000.

We developed more sporting products, ventured into the manufacture of soccer shoes in Italy, vaulting poles, and landing systems in Glen Oaks California.

After the stock market crashed and in 2011. Bonnie Caldwell purchased the domain and Bruce Caldwell purchased the pole vault manufacturing equipment. In 2011, Eonlinesports.com became a dealer selling to individuals and schools,  Bonnie Caldwell was president and Bruce Caldwell became Vice President. In 2018, Bonnie Caldwell retired from a 35-year tenure at Boy Scouts of America, she is currently taking the lead role of marketing and fulfillment as Bargain Bonnie! You may contact Bonnie at Bargainbonnie@eonlinesports.com